Tax Services in Lufkin, TX

Tax season is a time of year most people dread. They don’t know how to fill out their taxes or file them, and they’re constantly worried they’ll make a mistake and trigger an audit. For businesses, it’s even worse!

Your Local Tax Accountant

is here to provide you and your business with the tax services in Lufkin, Hudson, Redland, Angelina County, or Huntington, TX you need to stay calm, cool and collected during tax season. We’ll help you fill out and file your taxes appropriately. Erick Robinson, CPA, PLLC stays on top of the latest tax bills, tax laws, and tax changes on a continuous basis.

Tax Preparation Services

We’re well-versed in tax preparation in Lufkin, TX for all types of filings. Whether you’ve got a vanilla tax situation with minimal deductions and assets, or you’re running a corporation with tons of different factors to keep in mind, we maintain the utmost accuracy. Some of the filings we’re familiar with when it comes to tax preparation services include:

  • Individual Tax Returns
  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Limited Liability Companies Tax Returns
  • Partnerships Tax Returns
  • Payroll Reports for all Taxing Authorities
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Texas Franchise Tax

  • Tax Filing and Representation

    full-service tax accountant in Lufkin, TX,

  • we’re an Authorized IRS e-File provider and can assist you in submitting your taxes. We submit quickly so you can get access to your return quickly. Plus, a fast filing gives people peace of mind! We’re also authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS (Professional Tax Representation). If you’ve been contacted by the IRS and need assistance representing yourself in matters of an audit or back taxes, we’ll stand beside you and work with the IRS on your behalf.

  • Starting a new business?

    full-service tax accountant in Lufkin, TX,

  • As part of our tax services, we can even sit down and advise you on the different options available to you for tax classification and what those designations entail. We’ll give you peace of mind when it comes to your taxes.

Don’t let tax season scare you this year!

Instead, contact us at 936-634-7711 for complete tax preparation services.